Apple Shoots Itself, Takes Disney and Netflix Down in Double Homicide

Apple announced today that it will be releasing three new iPhone’s

The iPhone 11 Pro Max which features a 6.5 inch OLED display and a three-camera feature. MSRP $1,099

The iPhone 11 Pro features a 5.8 inch OLED display and also three lenses and comes in at MSRP $999

The iPhone 11 encompassing a 6.1 inch display and a dual camera feature. MSRP $699

Now here is where the real disruption occurs, Apple stated it will launch its Apple TV+ streaming service at the very low cost of $4.99 a month, this is a serious disruptor when compared to the now seemingly very expensive Netflix ($8.99) and even the cheaper Disney ($6.99)

The market did not care for this news, upon the release of the streaming prices and iPhone news Apple shares actually fell slightly but Netflix and Disney felt the real pain.

Disney suffered a loss of 2.68% while Netflix fell 3.86%

As analyst start pricing in the potential disruption of now having two cheaper alternatives the uncertainty of the futures in streaming content remain unclear.

Published by Noah Blaine

5+ years in the financial markets as trader and investor! I currently work full time and pursue my financial endeavors in my own time. I love writing and staying informed so this blog is my way of doing just that. To clarify I'm not a financial advisor and everything I say is my opinion and never should be taken as financial advice. Thanks!

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