You Don’t Have to Make it Back The Way You Lost it

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger address the issue of gambling. Reporter’s Question Hi i’m Susie Taylor from Lincoln Nebraska. By way of explaining, we wrote down the value of U.S. air reflecting our investments current market value you had a good explanation in your report as to why the economics of the business are unattractiveContinue reading “You Don’t Have to Make it Back The Way You Lost it”

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger Talk Projections

The year is 1995, A question is poised about the opinions of projections on future cash flow. The following is a response from Mr. Munger and Mr. Buffett. Charlie Munger To the extent that the method of estimating future cash flow requires projections? I would say that projections while they’re logically required by the circumstancesContinue reading “Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger Talk Projections”

Jack Bogle’s Golden Advice for Everyone

“Buy everything and hold it forever” He is a man whom needs no introduction. What he has done can be modestly regarded as noble, the man who made it possible for the average person to profit off the rise in the stock market with no knowledge besides faith in the ever expanding wealth of ourContinue reading “Jack Bogle’s Golden Advice for Everyone”

Markets Plunge Even Deeper; Yellen Speaks on Yield Curve; DOW Drops 800; 10 Year Bond Yield Inverts 2 Year Yield.

“I would really urge that on this occasion it may be a less good signal,” – Janet Yellen US and Global markets fall even deeper with an hour left in the trading day. The United States 10 year treasury bond yield has officially inverted the 2 year, this indicator has occurred before many market recessionsContinue reading “Markets Plunge Even Deeper; Yellen Speaks on Yield Curve; DOW Drops 800; 10 Year Bond Yield Inverts 2 Year Yield.”

Warren Buffett on His Experience Investing In Russia

What would it take from Russia for you to invest Mr. Buffett? They were not that friendly when it came time to take the oil out, it was extreme what took place… it might take us quite a while before we wanted to sink a lot of money into Russia.

Why Coca-Cola is HOT right now

“With this, our focus on consumer-centric innovation, almost 25% of our revenue is now from new or reformulated products, up from 15% two years ago. “ — James Quincey Chairman & Chief Executive Officer No matter where you’re from the chances you’ve enjoyed the sweet crisp taste of a Coke on a hot afternoon isContinue reading “Why Coca-Cola is HOT right now”