Software sector braces for a split among leading companies

Fresh from a powerful three-year surge, the software industry is entering a new period of uncertainty. Shares in Salesforce, the leading software-as-a-service player, surged more than 6 per cent on Thursday after a quarterly earnings report that dispelled recent worries about flagging growth. Meanwhile, tax and small business software company Intuit, which has seen itsContinue reading “Software sector braces for a split among leading companies”

NVIDIA Remains Under Pressure From AMD

One of NVIDIA’s fastest-growing segments has hit a roadblock in recent quarters thanks to the competition. NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) shareholders heaved a sigh of relief after the company’s second-quarter earnings report for fiscal 2020 turned out to be better than expected, though the year-over-year results were poor. The graphics specialist’s guidance was also good enough to inspire confidence among investors, asContinue reading “NVIDIA Remains Under Pressure From AMD”

No Matter What Trump Says, Apple Will Never Get Out of China

Apple stock fell 4.6% on Friday, a decline almost twice that of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which fell 2.4% in the week’s final session. source

Amazon Joins Walmart in Saying Tesla Solar Panels Caught Fire

(Bloomberg) — Walmart Inc. isn’t the only corporation that has seen its Tesla Inc. solar panels catch fire.On Friday, Inc. said a June 2018 blaze on the roof of one of its warehouses in Redlands, California, involved a solar panel system that Tesla’s SolarCity division had installed. The Seattle-based retail giant said by emailContinue reading “Amazon Joins Walmart in Saying Tesla Solar Panels Caught Fire”

Roku Is a Cord Cutter’s Dream. It’s Working for Investors, Too

Traditional pay-TV services are shedding subscribers because video streaming is more convenient, offers more choice, and, at least for now, a better value. As Netflix (ticker: NFLX), Apple (AAPL), (DIS) (DIS), (CMCSA)(CMCSA), and other heavyweights battle it out, the best way to play streaming is turning out to be upstart (ROKU) (ROKU). The company’s combinationContinue reading “Roku Is a Cord Cutter’s Dream. It’s Working for Investors, Too”

Survey: More than 80 percent of employees at Adobe, Intel, Cisco see cost-cutting at work

A vast majority of employees queried at Cisco Systems and several other big Silicon Valley tech employers say they’ve noticed cost-cutting at work. source

Dow Jones Futures: Stock Market Rally Hits Resistance, Apple Flashes Bullish Signal; Splunk, Synopsys, Keysight Are Earnings Movers Late

Dow Jones futures: Wednesday’s stock market rally hit resistance at the 50-day, Apple showed relative strength. Splunk, Synopsys, Keysight reported late. source

Google to sublease Akamai’s Cambridge HQ

Google LLC plans to sublease Akamai Technologies Inc.’s current headquarters when the Cambridge-based internet giant moves into its newly constructed home across the street.  Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) will occupy floors two through nine at 150 Broadway, and plans a fall 2020 move in. Akamai will keep the first floor, but plans to move into itsContinue reading “Google to sublease Akamai’s Cambridge HQ”