Tesla Autopilot Is Found Partly to Blame for 2018 Freeway Crash

(Bloomberg) — U.S. transportation safety investigators found Tesla Inc.’s design of its automated driver-assist system was partly to blame for a crash in which an inattentive driver slammed into a fire truck parked on a freeway near Los Angeles in 2018. The National Transportation Safety Board also cited the driver’s failure to stop for theContinue reading “Tesla Autopilot Is Found Partly to Blame for 2018 Freeway Crash”

Tesla was on Autopilot when it crashed into fire engine, NTSB finds

A government report says the driver of a Tesla that slammed into a fire engine near Los Angeles last year was using the car’s Autopilot system when a vehicle in front of him suddenly changed lanes and he didn’t have time to react. source https://finance.yahoo.com/m/cdebd193-6cd7-3930-ac82-8ce358660bb9/tesla-was-on-autopilot-when.html?.tsrc=rss

Is Tesla Insurance Musk’s Masterstroke or Mistake?

Yesterday, Tesla (TSLA) launched an insurance service in California. The company intends to expand the service to other states as well. source https://finance.yahoo.com/m/506d3439-2afe-39e8-b627-63dc705287a0/is-tesla-insurance-musk%E2%80%99s.html?.tsrc=rss

The Time a Jet-Lagged Musk Made Alibaba’s Jack Ma Sound Grounded

(Bloomberg) — Elon Musk and Jack Ma matched wits publicly for the first time. And boy, they didn’t disappoint.An onstage debate between China’s richest man and the Tesla Inc. boss left a largely Chinese audience both awestruck and dumbfounded as the pair sparred over everything from the existence of aliens to the preservation of humanContinue reading “The Time a Jet-Lagged Musk Made Alibaba’s Jack Ma Sound Grounded”

Elon Musk and Jack Ma Will Debate AI at China Summit

(Bloomberg) — From Jack Ma to Pony Ma, the leading lights of China’s internet industry gather in Shanghai this week to showcase the country’s latest advances in artificial intelligence. But the real headliner could be American entrepreneur Elon Musk.The Tesla Inc. and SpaceX impresario features prominently on the opening-day card of the World AI Conference,Continue reading “Elon Musk and Jack Ma Will Debate AI at China Summit”

Tesla Is Getting Into the Car Insurance Business

Tesla has launched an auto insurance product in California for owners of its vehicles, with plans to expand it into more U.S. states. source https://finance.yahoo.com/m/229c50e3-5363-36f3-bda0-cd6953c1fddf/tesla-is-getting-into-the-car.html?.tsrc=rss

Tesla Unplugged: In Singapore, It’s Just Another Unwelcome Car

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Around the world, Tesla Inc is a welcome symbol of what can happen when high-tech meets the global need for sustainable, electrified transportation. Everywhere, that is, except Singapore.Last week, in an interview with Bloomberg News, Masagos Zulkifli, Singapore’s minister for water and environment resources, dismissed the company and its founder, Elon Musk,Continue reading “Tesla Unplugged: In Singapore, It’s Just Another Unwelcome Car”

Walmart Sues Tesla Over Fires Linked to Rooftop Solar Panel Systems

(Bloomberg) — Walmart Inc. sued Tesla Inc., claiming it failed to live up to industry standards in the installation of solar panels on top of hundreds of stores, resulting in multiple fires across the U.S.The retailer said it had leased or licensed roof space on top of more than 240 stores to Tesla’s energy operationsContinue reading “Walmart Sues Tesla Over Fires Linked to Rooftop Solar Panel Systems”