Trumps Trade War With China Has Sucked; Trumps Twitter Fury Unleashed

What started as a slightly green early morning for futures ended in a disastrous week for United States financial markets. Currently the S&P 500 has experienced a fall of over -178 points or a -5.68% drop in a month with the weekly fairing a loss of -2.5% it’s clear the market is uneasy. Now letsContinue reading “Trumps Trade War With China Has Sucked; Trumps Twitter Fury Unleashed”

Indonesia Makes a Big Fiscal Bet

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Don’t you wish you had a dollar for every beleaguered official who cried “fiscal policy must do more”? Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo actually seems to mean it.Fresh from re-election, Jokowi, as he’s known, is aiming to cushion Southeast Asia’s largest economy from a slowdown and make much-needed investments in infrastructure like roads, portsContinue reading “Indonesia Makes a Big Fiscal Bet”