How Trump Can Win the Trade War

(Bloomberg Opinion) — If the trade war’s objective is to even the playing field for American firms, President Donald Trump isn’t going about it the right way. China’s easy access to U.S. dollars over the past decade has fueled asset bubbles, driven an overseas debt binge and laid the groundwork for its low-cost, export-driven economy.Continue reading “How Trump Can Win the Trade War”

Trumps Trade War With China Has Sucked; Trumps Twitter Fury Unleashed

What started as a slightly green early morning for futures ended in a disastrous week for United States financial markets. Currently the S&P 500 has experienced a fall of over -178 points or a -5.68% drop in a month with the weekly fairing a loss of -2.5% it’s clear the market is uneasy. Now letsContinue reading “Trumps Trade War With China Has Sucked; Trumps Twitter Fury Unleashed”

No Matter What Trump Says, Apple Will Never Get Out of China

Apple stock fell 4.6% on Friday, a decline almost twice that of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which fell 2.4% in the week’s final session. source

Dow Jones Futures: Trump’s China Trade News Aids Stock Market Rally; Analyzing Apple, These Top Stocks $AAPL

Stock futures rose amid President Trump’s China trade comments. The choppy stock market rally is hard to handle, with Microsoft and other breakouts struggling. Apple and Zscaler lack bases. source

Trump Wants to Buy Greenland, It’s Not Happening

Denmark pros according to The New Yorker: Tuition Free College Free Healthcare Paid Parental Leave Paid Vacation Living Wage $20 Shorter Work Week Progressive Taxation Cheap Prescription Drugs Free Public Child Care 2nd Happiest Country In a response to President Trump and his alleged reports to want to purchase Greenland, Greenland Ministry said it wasContinue reading “Trump Wants to Buy Greenland, It’s Not Happening”